Pinterest is a popular social media platform, launched in 2010, that allows users to create "boards" with an organized collection of images and videos that reflect their personal interests and activities. It has grown rapidly since its launch, becoming one of the most visited websites, with over 250 million monthly active users worldwide. You can download free version of Pinterest on this page.

With its effortless-to-manage interface, Pinterest allows users to find and save the content they most desire. Whether searching for particular topics or items, following accounts to be alerted of new ideas, or relying on personalized recommendations from Pinterest itself - users can easily uncover a limitless stream of inspiration.

In addition to its main feature of boards, Pinterest also offers a variety of related features including sections like Shopping & Gifts which make it easy for users to find products they may be interested in purchasing, as well as a Lens tool which allows Pinners to snap a photo of an item and search for similar items on the platform.